Yo my name is Rusty Sutton, Im 26 years old and I make electronic dance music. back in 2006, i was introduced to Fruity Loops Studio and created the alias "Butter that shit up". I taught myself how to produce music and mix it into live sets and in 2011 i moved to kalispell, MT where i started playing shows and festivals anywhere i could. Doing Opening sets for artists such as Candyland, Singularity, Mutrix, Mitis, Bear Grillz, Mantis, Cry Wolf, Freq nasty, Ill Gates, Kj sawka, JRabbit, Super Square, and The Arcturians, (just to name a few), I Steadily grew a reputation for being a local favorite. there is an annual music award ceremony/showcase held In Missoula, MT called "the Zoo music awards", and a musician or band is nominated every year in each genres of music including Electronic music. i had the honor of being nominated for MT's Best Electronic music producer of the year for 2014 and 2015. I spent the next couple years honing my producing, mixing, and mastering skills. now, With some years of experience under my belt, and with playing dozens of gigs and the dream of becoming a big time music producer still fresh on my mind, i am now ready to show the world what BTSU is all about.

Are you ready?
It's time to

butter that shit up!